Cat Amazing
Our cats have really enjoyed the Cat Amazing products, both the classic and the epic. 
You can order directly from Cat Amazing or on




GoCat's line of wands and attachments are incredibly engaging for our cats. The wands and attachments are available on AmazonThe Fur fun attachments are our cat's personal favorites. 

Pop-up/Collapsible Tunnels

Our cats really enjoy playing hide and seek in pop-up tunnels.
There are a number of styles available at Amazon.



Cat Trees & Scratching Posts

Bengals are climbers, To help ensure your cats climb and scratch where you want them to, it is recommend that you have a number of scratching posts and/or cat trees they can use.

Cat Tree King has some excellent cat trees with a number of climbing and scratching options.

Cat Wheel

Bengals need outlets for their energy. Our cats's love running on their ZiggyDoo ferris cat wheel.